Blepharoplasty, also called eyelid surgery, is a surgical procedure that is designed to improve the position of the skin of the upper eyelids by removing loose skin and adding or removing fat. The procedure can give your eyes a more refreshed appearance, restore a more youthful look to your face, and help improve peripheral vision. Blepharoplasty does not correct vision that needs improvement with glasses, contact lenses, cataract surgery or LASIK.  Talk to your ophthalmologist about the best option for you.

Some causes for the need for eyelid surgery:

  • eyelids sag and droop
  • fatigue
  • eyestrain
  • skin irritation
  • loss of peripheral vision

After your evaluation is completed, a preoperative appointment will be made with your surgeon. Prior to this visit, it is important to view the Blepharoplasty Consent Video which discusses risks, benefits, and alternatives to surgery along with what to expect before, during and after. Write down any questions and bring them with you to your preoperative appointment where paperwork will be signed, and an eyelid evaluation and discussion will be completed with your surgeon.

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Blepharoplasty Consent Video